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​Trust Ava Safe Australia to supply precise, reliable thermal imaging camera devices used to detect irregular body temperatures in people.

Our state-of-the-art cameras offer you real-time data tracking, a low error rate, non-invasive scanning, and the ability to process whole crowds for temperatures.

Help protect your business or public space against the spread of Coronavirus and other dangerous infections in humans. Thermal cameras are used to identify body temperatures in humans. Abnormal body temperature in an individual may indicate they are suffering from a fever; one of the critical symptoms of COVID-19. Utilise our fever detection devices to screen groups of people at a time. Use in entrances, near lifts and escalators.

If you require a thermal imaging camera to protect your Australian organisation then the range of devices from Ava Safe is for you. Each camera is intended for commercial use in public or private areas. We offer flexible installation for both "pop-up" and wall-mounted applications. Contact our experienced team of technicians for a free demonstration today.

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Ava Safe Thermal Camera Advantages

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  1. Precision. Ava Safe's range of cameras including Dahua, Mobotix, and Omnisense devices, all world-leaders in thermal imaging precision.

  2. Auto-detection. These smart cameras know the difference between a person and a hot cup of coffee so there are no false alarms.

  3. Distance. These state-of-the-art fever-detecting devices can sense forehead heat from a range of 3 metres, allowing your staff to operate the cameras from a safe distance while scanning.

  4. Easy-set up and use. Forget overly complex machines that need hours of training to operate. Ava Safe's range of fever-screening cameras are intuitive and straightforward, so you can focus on the important things.

  5. Accuracy. The cameras supplied by Ava Safe can identify forehead temperatures even in large, fast-moving crowds.

  6. Australian Business. Ava Safe is an Australian owned and operated business so you can confidently buy thermal cameras from us knowing you will get the product support and reliability that is expected from a local retailer.

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Purchasing a thermal temperature checking unit for your location is not an easy decision. Consider renting a unit to see if these devices may be suitable for you. Other than purchasing, we offer you two options, including:

Option 1: Rental of the unit

Option 2: Rent to buy option (your rental payments will be deducted from the sale price of the camera)

Terms and conditions do apply. Please call us on 02 9223 7779 or email sales@avasafe.com.au for information.

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People Temperature Checking for:

  • Education (Primary, High School, College, Universities)

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Public Utilities (Trains, Buses, Airlines)

  • Commercial Offices (returning office workers)

  • Conferences, Expos, Stadiums (crowd gatherings)

  • Local / State / Federal Government (libraries, councils)

  • Mining Industry

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