Buy Alphamed Digital Touchless Thermometers

Check temperatures quickly and easily without the need to touch an individual using Ava Safe's Touchless Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer. Durable and easy-to-hold, our infrared thermometer is designed for instant, accurate temperature readings -- no contact required.

Traditional thermometers are cumbersome and require considerable contact with an unwell person. Standard thermometers also take several minutes to provide a reading which can vary considerably in accuracy. Choose a TGA-certified Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometers from Ava Safe if you want a fast, reliable device that can be used by all ages safely and accurately.

Measuring range: 32-42.2 degree;
Measuring distance: within 10cm
Product weight: 147.5g

Power features: Auto power-off, requires 2 x AAA batteries
Temperature units: Offers conversion function between C/F

Certifications: CE, TGA approval

Why Choose Hand-Held Temperature Detecting Thermometers from Ava Safe

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infrared thermometer ava safe
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