Bacteria Testing Service

Ava Safe offers an ATP testing service in which our professional team visit your office, school, bus stop, train station, supermarket, or community centre and run a scientific test to estimate the number of bacteria in your work environment. If you have a high level of potential bacteria and other microbes, we will recommend disinfectant fogging to rid your premises of potentially hazardous bacteria.

How Do We Test for Bacteria?

We use an authentic Hygiena ATP testing device recognised for its accuracy and speed by the medical, restaurant, and care industries across the globe. The test we run involves quick swabbing of a nominated area in your workspace, popping it into our ATP device, and waiting to see how high the levels of adenosine triphosphate (indicative of bacteria) are. Overall the testing process takes minutes, is scientifically proven, and provides an accurate result for your peace of mind. You can read about the process in full here.

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Why is Bacteria Auditing Important?

Ava Safe's bacteria audits provide peace of mind for Australian businesses, government bodies, and community groups by way of confirming the exact level of bacteria in areas frequented by individuals. If you have a low level of bacteria you can confidently continue your everyday way of life without fear of bacterial contamination. If you have a high level of bacteria you can book a disinfectant fogging service from Ava Safe to kill the dangerous microbes currently living in your work environment. Either way, you will know the status of your premises and be able to make decisions accordingly.


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