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The very best temperature monitoring system available on the market for crowded areas. Use this system around entrances and passage thorough ways to locate abnormal forehead temperatures present in guests, students or staff.

Measure Human Temperatures in Crowds


For busy areas with lots of people entering a location, this is the perfect unit, to detect excessively high or low body temperature in humans within crowds. This unit will signal an audible alarm with flashing lights when individuals with a temperature that is higher than a pre-set tolerance limit.

The system consists of a front camera and a black body which sits directly in front of the unit. Human traffic, and crowds walk between the front temperature thermal camera and the black body unit. The black body unit acts as a temperature regulator to ensure precise detection. Click here to find out more about how the black body unit works.

Dahua Product Code for the system is:


  • Front thermal camera: DH-TPC-BF3221-T Thermal Network Value Hybrid Bullet Camera  

  • Black body: DH-TPC-HBB-AHW   

This device has cutting-edge uncooled thermal sensor technology and exceptional temperature measurement accuracy. For the protection of staff and guests by sensing the first sign of illness through body heat, this advanced Pro model from Dahua is your best choice.

Installation of this camera is suggested for entrances, indoor lobby or the space in front of a lift area. It will provide accurate monitoring of forehead temperatures of those entering your building or event.



Flexible Set-Up for Your Physical Environment



The Dahua system for human temperature checking is the most flexible and location friendly commercial thermal unit available. This unit allows for the following different types of set-ups to suit:


  • Active Monitoring: A team member actively monitors crowds and checks the computer LCD screen constantly

  • Passive Monitoring: A team member passively monitors groups entering, while engaged in their other daily activities. This staff may move freely around and only engage with the system when an alarm alert is a set-off

  • Remote Monitoring: If a person with an abnormal temperature is detected 1) a signal sent via email 2) a message sent via SMS 3) A phone App (available June 2020)

  • Self Monitoring: Have the LCD screen display flipped, so it faces guests. This allows people to see their temperature.

Enquire about our Available Configurations




Advanced Bundle.jpg

Pro Bundle (needs PC)

- Front Bullet Camera Unit

- Rear black body

- 2 x Tripod

- 2 x Base plates

Requires a PC Laptop to operate

Pro Bundle & Data Collect (needs PC)

- Front Bullet Camera Unit

- Rear black body
- NVR Unit & 4g modem*

- 2 x Tripod

- 2 x Base plates

Requires a PC Laptop to operate

* NVR unit, enables data analytics, data collection & recording.


Pro Bundle & PC
Ready to run

- Front Bullet Camera Unit

- Rear black body
- Includes Mini PC*
- 23 Inch Monitor*

- 2 x Tripod

- 2 x Base plates

Ready to run, no other equipment needed.

* Intel NUC 7 Essential NUC7CJYSAL Mini PC with Windows 10 (celeron J4005 / 4gb RAM)

** Monitor is HP 23f

Why Buy This Temperature Sensing System

Look closely; this unit has real-world applications and functionality, which means seamless use at your location. This system does is the best in the world at its price point. The speed means, logistic problems caused by slow and inaccurate temperatures measurements will not occur.  Some of the advantages of this temperature sensing commercial unit include:

  • Precise temperature measurement (+/-0.3 degree error)

  • Instant body temperature detection in under a second

  • Detects up to 15 people at a time

  • Fast Set up Under 15 minutes or wall mounted

  • Your staff may monitor passively, so they are both kept at a safe distance and free to do their regular tasks.

  • Allows crowds to self monitor their own temperature

  • Remote notification (SMS text, email, Mobile App)

  • Tried and trusted technology by Australian banks and government departments

  • Performance unaffected by face masks or headwear & scarves

  • Detects 3 meters away from the subject

  • Heat sources from objects such as coffee cups will not set off an alarm.

* Mobile App available late June 2020

Technical Specifications

See the technical specifications of the Dahua Pro Thermal Sensing System by following this link.

Dahua BF3221 Thermal System Camera and Rear Black body in Action

dahua basic bundle camera.JPEG
thermal imaging camera.JPEG

This device is for temperature reference only and is not a medical diagnostic tool. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, please seek medical advice.

dahua basic bundle stand.JPEG
dahua basic bundle in use.JPEG
dahua scanning in process ava safe.jpg
dahua basic bundle blackbody.JPEG

This device is for temperature reference only and is not a medical diagnostic tool. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, please seek medical advice.

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