Dahua Basic Thermal Camera for crowds (buy or rent)

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(Prices start from aud $14,000*)

pricing based on a 5 unit purchase*

​​Buy or rent a reliable thermal screening camera from Ava Safe Australia. The Entry-Level Dahua camera detects the body temperature of individuals from crowds by sensing the heat signature of the forehead. The accompanying Blackbody device provides a constant temperature reading which is instantly contrasted with the human body's heat signature.


If the person (or people) being scanned register an elevated body temperature, the Entry-Level Dahua camera will alert you with an audible alarm and flashing light. Your workplace can then process the unwell individual so they do not mingle with your workers or visitors. Fast-sensing and ultra-sensitive, Dahua cameras are the first choice for Australian organisations wanting to employ thermal screening on their premises. An elevated body temperature is one of the first signs of dangerous infections such as COVID-19 and influenza, so using the Dahua system to stop unwell individuals from spreading illness in your workplace is one of the best ways to contain any local outbreaks.

Commercial Temperature Camera System

If you want to protect your employees and customers, depend on Dahua thermal imaging cameras for accurate, affordable body temperature screening. This is the affordable robust commercial temperature monitoring system you have been waiting for. Ava Safe will assist you in selecting the right Entry-Level Camera Bundle to suit your requirements and provide installation quickly so you can begin the process of monitoring your workplace today.

Configurations to (Buy / Rent) Entry-Level Thermal Cameras




Entry-Level Camera - Network Bundle.jpg

Basic Camera Bundle (needs PC)

- Front thermal camera: DH-TPC-BF2221-T

- Rear black body

- 2 x Tripod

- 2 x Base plates

Requires a PC Laptop to operate

Basic Bundle & Data Analytic bundle (needs PC)

- Front thermal camera: DH-TPC-BF2221-T

- Rear black body
- NVR Unit & 4g modem*

- 2 x Tripod

- 2 x Base plates

Requires a PC Laptop to operate

* NVR unit, enables data analytics, data collection & recording.


Basic Bundle & PC Ready to run

- Front thermal camera: DH-TPC-BF2221-T

- Rear black body
- Includes Mini PC*
- 23 Inch Monitor**

- 2 x Tripod

- 2 x Base plates

Ready to run, no other equipment needed.

* Intel NUC 7 Essential NUC7CJYSAL Mini PC with Windows 10 (celeron J4005 / 4gb RAM)

** Monitor is HP 23

Difference to the Dahua Advanced Thermal Camera (BF3221)

While similar on the outside to the Advanced BF3221 Dahua camera, the BF2221 offers limited specs at a cost-effective price that won't let you down when it comes to reliability or quality. The main difference is:

  • Foot traffic needs to be at a slower walking pace (not ideal for intense traffic areas)

  • May detect temperatures up to 3 people at a time

  • Thermal camera measures up to 2 metres away from people (compared to 4metres for the Dahua advanced unit)

  • Accuracy at up to plus or minus 0.5 degrees (compared to 0.3degrees accuracy for the Dahua advanced unit)

Installation for Local Australian Businesses


We find Australian businesses that use the entry-level Dahua camera bundles benefit from having the device installed in an accessible lobby or space near a building's primary entry/exit or lift area. We also recommend using guided stickers on the floor or barriers to help safely and efficiently guide traffic to and from the camera scanning area.


The Ideal Set-Up For Workplace Environments

The Entry-Level Dahua camera system is one of the most user-friendly and spacially aware systems on the market. Some features perfect for workplaces include:


  • Monitoring Options: Choose between having a staff member monitor the camera, or have the setup working passively so that it will alert you to any raised temperatures. Remote monitoring with alerts sent via an app and self-monitoring for guests are also possible.

  • High Thermal Sensitivity: The Entry-Level Dahua camera offers considerable thermal sensitivity (<50mK) which means your device will capture more image details and temperature differences than comparable models from other brands.

  • Affordable: Cheaper than the Advanced Dahua Camera but offering almost identical internal specs, the Entry-Level camera is only limited its distance capacity (scanning from 2m rather than 3m) and its reaction time. A great value option for small businesses!

Why Consider this Commercial Temperature System?

This system is an incredibly precise piece of technology. It comes in second only behind its slightly larger and more expensive sibling in the Dahua range of thermal cameras. Consider this Basic Thermal camera system for moderate foot traffic locations. The low price point makes this a good compromise between price and performance.


Advantages of this unit include:

  • Tried and proven technology 

  • Incredible technology offered at a low price

  • Quick set up in 15 minutes or under

  • Very precise for the price

  • Free up staff, so they can focus on other tasks

  • Automated alerts may be set up including SMS / Email / App (available 20/6/2020)

Entry Level Dahua Camera Images

dahua camera in action entry level.jpg
workplace monitoring dahua entry level.j

This device is for temperature reference only and is not a medical diagnostic tool. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, please seek medical advice.

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