Dahua Budget Desktop Thermal Unit (buy or rent)

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(Prices start from aud $2,900*)

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Buy cheap, easy-to-use thermal screening units from Ava Safe. The Dahua DHI-ASI7213X-T is the latest in thermal imaging technology for Australian businesses, at a fraction of the cost of competitor products. The ultimate in mobile human body measurement, thermal screening, and face recognition -- all in one device! These lightweight 7-inch terminals feature easy-to-use touch screens so you can access scan information with ease. When you require a contactless, straightforward way to scan those entering and exiting your premises, you can't go past this budget desktop unit.


Scans Forehead Temperature Fast



Dahua is a world leader in human face recognition, thermal screening of human body temperature, and mobile security devices. The Dahua DHI-ASI7213X-T is used internationally to scan people and determine:

  • Whether they have an elevated body temperature

  • Optional facial recognition functionality

Why Consider Buying (or Renting) this Temperature Sensing Device?

  • Fast 1 second detection  


  • Precise temperature detection    

  • Incredible technology at a low price    

  • Does not require a full time active team member to monitor temperatures


  • Sleek modern look       


  • Simple set-up    

  • Unintrusive and unlike thermal guns, do not intimidate

  • Portable and lightweight    

  • May be wall mounted, placed on a desktop, or on a pedestal 

Mobile Screening Device Features

The Dahua DHI-ASI7213X-T mobile screening device is accurate, efficient, affordable, and easy to adapt to any Aussie requirements. Product features for workplaces include:


  • 7-inch touch screen: If you can operate a tablet, you can unlock the full potential of this device!

  • Temperature measurement range: 30°C~45°C.

  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C.

  • An audible alarm: Set an alert for abnormal body temperatures, people not wearing masks, and more!

  • Optional Security mode: Set to require face/card/password/RQ code IDs before individuals can enter a facility.

  • Optional Face recognition capacity: 100,000 individual faces.

Dahua Mobile Body Screening Device in Action

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dahua mobile screening product face mask
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dahua mobile screening device in use.jpg

This device is for temperature reference only and is not a medical diagnostic tool. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, please seek medical advice.

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