Commercial Disinfection & Sanitisation Service

Ava Safe will disinfect your office, or public space, with the most sophisticated antibacterial solution available in Australia. Our simple cleaning process will kill 99.9999% of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Listeria, Vancomycin, Salmonella, E-coli and its ingredients may be used in the fight against viruses like COVID-19.

The sanitisation service offered by Ava Safe is not a standard cleaning service like others as it offers a safe, efficient way to kill germs that may last for up to 30-days after treatment. The Australian Ava Safe process provides a  revolutionary sanitisation result that sets the bar high for others to follow.

COVID-19 and potential future pandemics mean that the traditional methods used to sanitise surfaces are not necessarily good enough. This is where Ava Safe comes in to provide you with both safety and peace of mind.

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Comprehensive Sanitisation Process

The sanitisation Ava Safe provides is dispensed by a technique called Fogging. As the name suggests, fogging involves the use of specialised equipment, which releases a fine mist high into the air. Billions of microparticles will settle on all surfaces high and low. Hard to reach and in some instances, unreachable locations will be sanitised while you wait. A workspace sanitised using conventional cleaning alone cannot compare.

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  • Hospital-grade

  • No Toxins or harsh chemicals
  • Internationally tested

  • Eco Friendly

  • Safe in food preparation areas

  • Safe to use in children's areas

Immediate On-Site Verification with Certification

The Ava Safe service includes an on-site ATP test on 3 distinct surfaces before sanitisation and after sanitisation. Utilising an ATP electronic bacteria checking device, bacterial levels gets measured immediately, so you get to see the immediate impact of our disinfectant treatment on your environment.

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Australian Government Department of Health Guidelines

The Australian Government's Department of Health advice regarding the Coronavirus disease, issued on the 26th March 2020 can be accessed here. The excerpt below is lifted directly from the guidelines:

"Ready-made disinfection products can be used, if available. Diluted bleach or disinfectants listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods that have virucidal claims can be used."


Why EarthEcco Disinfectant?

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The EarthEcco sanitisation and cleaning product was developed through years of Australian research. Powerful against germs, yet safe to use around food preparation areas, EarthEcco is an unparalleled sanitisation solution. The EarthEcco brand of disinfectant has advantages that make Ava Safe's process for germ cleaning your environment astonishingly persuasive and unique:

  • TGA Certified (ARTG ID 260781)

  • Australian made

  • Actively kills germs up to 30 days

  • USDA approved for use in the USA

  • Bleach free

  • 1 hour wait time after application

  • Cleansing Process trusted by major Australian Companies and Government Departments


Scientifically Proven to Kill Germs

  • Hospital-grade strength in germ-killing

  • 99.99999% of harmful germs and bacteria killed. Including Salmonella, E-Coli and more.

  • Specifically includes Benzoyl Chloride, which is recognised to fight Coronavirus.

  • Laboratory Tested by an independent laboratory, Silliker

The Science Behind EarthEcco

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Commercial Cleaning

If your premises are currently not serviced by regular commercial cleaning, please contact us, and we can also arrange cleaning services before disinfection.

See Ava Safe's Fogging Equipment

Want to see why our disinfection service is so thorough and highly sought after? It comes down to our highly-trained staff and our quality equipment. The fogging device we use is absolutely state-of-the-art and you can see it below.

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