Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks

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Buy TGA-approved disposable 3-ply face masks in bulk packs of 50 from Ava Safe. Whether you're located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, or anywhere in between you'll want to get your hands on these great protective products. Ava Safe's affordable 3-ply masks are comfortable to wear and can be disposed of after use, ensuring people keep high hygiene standards at work and home. Each mask features three protective, moisture-proof layers and one-size-fits-most elastic ear loops to secure the mask against your face. Distribute these masks among your household members, office team, or visitors so that those who are unwell can prevent their germs from spreading and so that those who are concerned about breathing in dust or microbes can feel secure in their everyday activities.

Bulk Face Masks for Personal Use

Ava Safe's non-woven, disposable masks are the same quality as medical masks but are designed and approved for personal protective use only. Each box contains 50 bulk-packed individual, single-use masks ideal for allergy relief, travel protection, flu seasons, and avoiding transmission of infectious illnesses. These masks are not designed for use in a medical setting, but they are ideal to shield Aussies from inhaling and expelling microparticles. Order today to enjoy great bulk pricing from Ava Safe.

Why Buy Bulk Packs of Face Masks from Ava Safe?

  • Our masks are approved by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


  • We keep local stock of masks for fast dispatch Australia-wide

  • Our masks are sold in bulk boxes, which keeps prices low

  • Our masks are designed for everyday personal comfort

  • We are Australian owned and operated


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Mask Composition

  • Outer layer: PP non-woven fabric

  • Middle layer: Meltblown non-woven fabric

  • Inner layer: Hygroscopic PP non-woven fabric

  • Nose bridge: Bendable plastic

  • Elastic: Polyester/Nylon blend

  • Overall filtration efficiency: 95%+


Masks are not washable and are not designed for multiple uses. Store masks in a dry, ventilated area away from flammable materials and open flames. Masks may be supplied in blue or white colour depending on stock availability, colour has no bearing on the effectiveness of the masks. Box packaging may differ from images.