Buy Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometers

Australians, stay on top of illnesses such as Coronavirus, Influenza, and bacterial infections using Ava Safe's range of high-performance digital thermometers. These devices are also referred to as touchless temperature guns and they use the latest in infrared technology to detect body temperatures in humans and provide an accurate output for your reference.


We have hand-held thermometer devices ideal for use in schools, transport facilities, banks, hotels, health centres, and homes. Contact the friendly Ava Safe team for more information on any of these affordable, easy-to-use, essential health devices for small Australian businesses.

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Temperature Detection Guns (touchless)

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Alphamed Touchless Thermometers

Excellent hand-held temperature reading device that's lightweight and easy-to-use. Ideal for the home or office.

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Hikvision Temperature Screening Guns

The ideal heavy-duty temperature screener for detecting high temperatures in crowds, while still being easy to hold.

Applications Suitable for Hand Held Thermometers

Handheld thermometers by Alphamed and Hikvision are the ultimate solution for portable forehead temperature checking. These devices are battery-powered and offer straightforward operation. Have one handy in the drawer for your office, home, or public space. They offer reasonable accuracy at a low price.

Especially suitable for small businesses, or workplaces which feature less than 30 employees.

Applications Not Suited for Hand Held Thermometers

There are specific applications where a handheld thermometer may not be up to the task for protecting you and your staff. This includes:


  1.  Busy commercial or public environments. Since using handheld thermometers such as the Alphamed device, require individual temperature checking, one person at a time, it is simply not possible to utilize a handheld device for busy locations with lots of people wishing to enter into a place. This is because the waiting time would be far too long and impractical.

  2. When a pandemic strikes one of your priorities as an employer in business would be to protect your staff. The use of a handheld thermal checking device requires a team member to be on the front line, in an arm's length distance away from a potentially ill guest. In such instances, a handheld device will not be as ideal as a commercial thermal checking camera system.

  3. A Forehead Hand Held Temperature checker, like the Hikvision model, is sometimes referred to as a "Temperature Gun." The shape of these units resembles a handheld pistol. The configuration of these devices may be intimidating for staff and guests. When in use, these thermometers are aimed at a person's forehead. Temperature checking in such a method may deter staff and clients from entering into a location.

What is a Temperature Thermometer Gun?

The devices you see on this page, are touchless forehead thermometers, at times they are referred to as temperature guns. These devices are designed to check someone's forehead temperature. A warm forehead temperature of 38 degrees and above is generally a symptom of an illness, including infections such as COVID-19 and bacterial infections too. Here at Ava Safe, we offer reliable temperature checking devices from recognised brands such as Alphamed and Hikvision so you can purchase them with confidence for your organisation.

How Does it Operate?

These handheld temperature checkers operate off an internal battery. All our devices offer a single one-button instant check.

  • Turn on the unit, face the sensor towards someone's forehead.

  • Allow for around an inch away. Do not touch the person forehead with the device.

  • Press the trigger button and wait for an alert in the form of a beep.

  • Once done, the person's forehead temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen.