KN95 Disposable Particulate Face Masks

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Buy TGA-approved KN95 face masks in bulk packs of 25 units from Ava Safe. These quality respirator masks can be sent to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and anywhere else in Australia from our local warehouses. KN95 masks are made from a soft, comfortable material that makes them light to wear but secure once you make use of the mask's ear loops to affix the device to your face. KN95 masks are designed specifically to protector the wearer from fine particulates in the air such as ash, dust, and construction debris. KN95 masks are certified equivalent to P2 masks and are essential for those facing exposure to poor air quality or pollutants.


The KN95 personal face masks from Ava Safe offer filtration efficiency of 95%+ against standard solid and liquid particles. Provide your work team with these masks to ensure they don't breathe in any dangerous particles during renovations, bushfires, or particularly high pollution days. These masks may also be useful to wear for those with seasonal allergies or those wanting to protect themselves from airborne microbes like bacteria and viruses. To get the best fit possible, please follow this government guide to wearing your new face masks.

Bulk Filtration Face Masks for Personal Use

Ava Safe's quality KN95 face masks are designed and approved for personal protective use only. Each box contains 25 bulk-packed,  single-use masks ideal for daily protection from microbes, micro-particles, and polluted air. These masks are not designed for use in a medical setting. Order today to enjoy great bulk pricing per box from Ava Safe.

Why Buy Bulk Packs of KN95 Face Masks from Ava Safe?

  • Our masks are approved by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


  • We keep local stock of KN95 masks for fast dispatch Australia-wide

  • Our masks are sold in bulk boxes, which keeps prices low

  • Our masks are designed for everyday wearability and comfort

  • We are an Australian owned and operated business

  • Masks are compliant to the requirements of Annex II of the 89/686/EEC Personal Protective Equipment directive


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Mask Composition

  • Outer layer: PP non-woven fabric

  • Middle layer: Filter melt-blown non-woven fabric

  • Inner layer: Hygroscopic PP non-woven fabric

  • Elastic: Polyester/Nylon blend

  • Overall filtration efficiency: 95%+


KN95 masks are not washable and are not designed for multiple uses. Discontinue use if you have any adverse reaction to the mask material on your face. Store masks in a dry, ventilated area away from flammable materials and open flames. Box packaging may differ from images.