Locations Critical for Human Temperature Checks

Temperature checking is recommended for areas that bustle with human activity is generally where transmission of diseases occur quickly. The density of people and the interaction makes busy areas a dangerous place where viral and disease infections such as the Corona Virus may thrive. If the location is indoors, the lack of fresh air flow will cause even more significant problems.


Busy Australian Public Areas


Here is a list of ideal locations which form many of the activities where Australians congregate. Having a Thermal camera in these areas may be used to identify abnormal body heat to identify individuals who may be unwell and ill from a virus.


  • Public Transport Terminals (buses, trains, domestic airports)

  • Stadiums

  • Event and exhibition halls

  • Entertainment precincts (cinemas, children play centres)

  • Retail locations (shopping centres, department stores, individual retail stores)

  • Community locations, such as libraries & councils

Places Where Australians Work

Commercial Offices

A recent article on the website news.com.au highlights the speed at which transmission of a virus such as COVID-19 may spread. For that reason, we believe installing thermal temperature cameras is critical in providing both physical protection and as a reminder for office workers to be vigilant. We recommend:

  • Installation in commercial office buildings, that house over 100 workers. 

Dahua Thermal camera at Westpac.jpeg

Building Construction Sites

  • At building or work sites, (the diversity of work involved means a diversity

Food Handling, Processing and Manufacturing

Having a process in place in work environments to protect staff and the integrity of the food product is essential. Thermal imaging cameras are necessary for:

  • Fruit and vegetable sorting and processing

  • Poultry and Meat Processing

  • Dairy processing

  • Food manufacturing and processing


Critical Areas Involving Overseas Travel

In today's connected world, virus's and disease may originate domestically and internationally. This is why having thermal checking for inbound and outbound human passengers is essential. This is to protect diseases arriving from off-shore, but also to prevent any locally borne diseases too. We recommend the following places for Ava Safe Thermal Cameras:

  • International Airports

  • Ocean Sea Ports for both commercial and leisure boats

The Mining Sector

The mining sector is both a capital and labour intensive industry. In an industry that generates an incredible amount of revenue, a pandemic outbreak will stop production, causing delay and significant loss. It is for this reason that the mining sector needs as much protection as possible. A thermal camera for staff is one step in ensuring a safe mining workforce.


Areas at Risk For Fatalities

The Corona Virus and other diseases, do not affect a population equally. Specific demographics are at higher risk compared to others. One such group is the elderly. Therefore despite the likelihood of lower foot traffic, these locations are equally as important to detect for abnormal body temperatures:

  • Elderly Aged Care facilities

  • RSL Clubs

  • Public Hospitals

  • Private Hospitals


The Australian Government

Government-owned or leased premises need protection to ensure the nation continues to be governed effectively. Checking forehead temperatures for guests, journalists, staff, and elected officials is one effective way to ensure safety from pandemics:


  • Federal / State / Local Government

  • Defence

  • Police Departments

  • Fire Departments

  • Paramedics

  • Industry-specific departments

Please keep in mind that thermal imaging devices cannot diagnose specific illnesses. Anyone who is found to be suffering from a high body temperature should visit a medical doctor for an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment.

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