Buy Mobotix M16 Thermal Camera System Bundle

The Mobotix M16 Thermal Camera Bundle from Ava Safe Australia is a precision German-engineered system that will monitor crowds and alert you to individuals presenting with a high forehead temperature on your premises. The Mobotix M16 boasts a large sensor range for temperatures and is ideal for mass-screening crowds during the day and night thanks to its sophisticated, high-resolution camera.


Use the Mobotix system in your lobby and protect visitors and staff alike from those infected with illnesses that present with higher-than-normal body temperatures. The Mobotix device sounds an alarm when someone with a high temperature enters the scanning zone, giving your visitors the confidence to go about their everyday routine knowing they are protected.

The Mobotix M16 Thermal Camera set, like all our camera bundles, comes complete with installation from our tech team and guidance on how to successfully use this high-quality, European imaging system at your business or event. You can trust Ava Safe to supply your organisation with the best thermal screening device Germany has to offer when you purchase this elite bundle.

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What's Included in Your Mobotix M16 Bundle



Resolution: 336 x 252 Pixels

Detection Temp. Range: -40 to +550°C

NETD: 50mK

Max. Frame Rate: 9Hz

Motion Detection: MxActivitySensor
Resolution for Thermal: 336 x 252 pixel

Thermal field of view: 45°

Fit for mass screening as a 1st layer of human  temperature detection in a wide area

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Mobotix M16 Thermal Camera in Action

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Why Choose Mobotix Body Temperature Screening Cameras From Ava Safe?

Mobotix has been producing security camera devices since 1999 and currently ships between 10,000-12,000 cameras each month. The company's base of operations is in Germany and all its cameras are produced in Germany, so you can be confident they meet your high expectations for thermal imaging devices.

Ava Safe decided to start selling Mobotix thermal crowd scanning cameras after seeing them successfully installed in places such as CMB Wing Lung Bank, Cityplaza One Hong Kong, and a variety of German banks and business towers.

Not only has the Mobotix M16 won an award at the 2017 International Fire Security Expo, but it has also been proven as an effective indoor/outdoor and day/night monitoring device so you can screen unwell individuals in almost any setting you can imagine.

Choose to buy a Mobotix thermal camera from Ava Safe and enjoy European-made temperature monitoring at an affordable price.

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