Why Our Disinfection Service Works

In conjunction with our range of thermal screening cameras, Ava Safe is proud to also provide full antibacterial sanitisation services for offices, transport hubs, and community centres. Our decontamination service provides your business with hospital-grade antimicrobial cleaning minus the harsh chemicals. Want to know why we're so confident in our disinfection and sanitisation method? It is simple.

  1. The cleaning product we use, EarthEcco, is Australian made.

  2. EarthEcco is ARTG certified (ID number 260781) by the Australian TGA.

  3. EarthEcco is made from natural ingredients and is independently tested.

  4. Our experienced Australian team administers the cleaning agent using an advanced fogging technique to even clean the places you can't see or reach!

Contact our professional team today for detailed information on the process and obligation-free pricing for your premises. You won't be disappointed by our thorough, natural decontamination process.

school being disinfected with fog ava sa

EarthEcco: A Natural, Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

EarthEcco is a hospital-grade disinfectant solution designed for us in the specialised cleaning process known as fogging. Fogging involves using tailored equipment to disperse billions of EarthEcco microparticles throughout the air in your office space, train station, council building, or retail shop. These microparticles land on all surfaces in your premises, including the areas you can't see or normally reach, drying within seconds to leave your entire working environment decontaminated.

Why Choose AvaSafe and EarthEcco

There are a lot of different cleaning solutions on the market. Still, AvaSafe works exclusively with EarthEcco for its sanitisation process, and it is not hard to see why we've chosen this product for cleaning everyday operating environments.

Australian Made

Because EarthEcco is manufactured locally, we know who is making it and the exact, high-quality ingredients the factory is using to create an effective antibacterial solution. Disinfectants produced overseas may not be as high-quality or reliable as Aussie-made EarthEcco.

Used in Hospitals, Food Processing Facilities, and Other Vulnerable Environments


EarthEcco is the antimicrobial cleaning solution choice for places that require only the most effective, highest-quality decontamination processes available. Premises that house vulnerable members of society or produce consumables are susceptible to outbreaks of disease if they are not cleaned thoroughly with proven antibacterial solutions. But at the same time, these spaces cannot be overwhelmed with harsh chemicals for the sake of the people living and working there. EarthEcco is ideal for even the most sensitive workspace as it destroys germs, bacteria, and viral casings without being carcinogenic, corrosive, or pungent.

Independently Lab-Tested

Silliker is a leading accreditation provider in the food safety industry and they, like the USDA, agree that EarthEcco's formula kills  99.9999% of bacteria on contact.

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We Use EarthEcco in a Rapid Disinfectant Fogging Process


Fogging, in which a disinfectant is applied to an area as an aerosol mist, has been a popular cleaning technique for years in the food industry. Fogging allows the disinfectant to cloud a room and cover every surface, kill microorganisms in even the places you can't reach. As you can imagine, in commercial kitchens or care facilities, being able to disinfect even the unreachable areas is important to stop the movement of dangerous pathogens among vulnerable patrons and staff. Isn't your workplace and team worth the same treatment?

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We test your environment before we clean to see what nasty germs and microbes are lurking, then test again after sanitisation to show you just how well EarthEcco works. If you want to protect your most important assets from microbes and other nasties, you can rely on the Ava Safe team to provide reliable decontamination using effective solutions. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how much it costs.