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Advanced & Entry Level Dahua Thermal Cameras Available Now

Updated: Jul 14

We're happy to announce that we have extended our range of Dahua temperature-screening cameras to include an advanced thermal camera model as well as an entry-level thermal camera. So if you were perhaps on the fence about the advanced model, the entry-level camera might just be what you're after.

What is the Difference Between an Advanced and Entry Level Dahua Camera?

The Dahua thermal cameras we stock are the BF3221 (advanced) and the BF2221 (entry-level). Their outer casing is quite similar and both operate alongside a Blackbody to give you the most accurate human temperature screening experience possible, but they do have a couple of key differences. These include:

  • The BF3221 (advanced model) has a range of 3m while the BF2221 (entry-level model) can only scan individuals within 2m of its position.

  • The BF3221 has faster processing time for temperature analysis when compared to the BF2221.

Not a whole lot of difference, right? Well, probably the largest point of difference is the price between the two models. The BF2221 (entry-level model) is several thousand dollars cheaper than the BF3221 (advanced model)!

You'll need to discuss with our friendly sales team which model best suits your thermal monitoring goals and the size of your business, but we hope by offering the cheaper camera we can cater to those who want a basic setup with no need for more advanced technology.

So what are you waiting for? Speak with the Ava Safe team about our range of thermal imaging cameras and how best to protect your staff and clients from infectious illness as we enter into the next phase of lockdown lifts here in Australia.

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