COVID19 Essential Decisions for Your Workplace

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The current Pandemic is the single most urgent and pressing decision for Risk and Compliance professionals in Australia. Speaking with professionals who work within the space, I realise that the Pandemic, touches on all areas of:

  • Corporate Compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Governance

Now that Australia has been lucky enough to avoid a full-blown worst-case scenario, the conversation now slowly turns towards preventing a much talked about second outbreak.

Here is a Checklist for Implementation, to consider for Risk and Compliance professionals or business owners to implement into their workplace. Listed below are essential rules that you need to have in place, to avoid legal litigation and to adhere to new insurance obligations. The new normal has meant that any delay will cost immediate financial and reputational risk to any organisation within Australia.

No.1: Distancing Strategies at your work location

Social distancing will be mandatory. The 1.5-meter distance and the need to have workers apart from each other physically is now well known. This is not enough. Physical partitions will be needed, in an office environment, to halt the spread of illness should it occur.

No.2: Equipment at Your Place of Work

Should an employee be ill upon arriving at work? Do you have the necessary procedures in place to identify sickness? Something as basic as a temperature test, will likely be required, to demonstrate that you as an employer have fulfilled your duty of care. Providing hand sanitiser at work and face masks will also be beneficial to protect you from litigation.

No. 3: A new Type of Audit

A new type of audit, a bacteria audit. Know precisely how dangerous your work place is by having a micro-organism audit. Have a certified document drafted up. This is to mitigate litigation risk in the event that staff or clients get infected

No.3: Assess the Risk of Possible Scenarios as well as an action plan should it occur.

Things happen, which will impact your ability to conduct business. This is a checklist of some of the basic things you need to consider:

A) What happens to your supply chain of goods and services should key personnel fall ill due to COVID19? For example, your managing director falls sick, or your key accounts person. Do you have protocols in place to adequately address this?

B) What is your plan, if 25% of your staff fall ill? What about 50%? Or even 75%?

C) Your suppliers, I am talking about your major critical suppliers, which are essential for you to deliver your product or service. What should happen if they cannot perform their function to you, due to the Pandemic?

May there be specific vulnerabilities unique to your workplace? Identify them immediately and locate relief and resolutions. The immediate loss in monetary risk, reputational and litigation risk, is real and instant if you do not take these necessary steps listed above.

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