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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

For May, Ava Safe offers you the chance to "know" the level of bacteria that exists in your office, site, library or commercial location. This service is available in Sydney NSW only. We have a new gadget in the offices of Ava Safe. We have purchased a medical unit, called "SystemSURE Plus," by medical device manufacturer Hygiena. This handheld is an ATP Sanitation Monitoring System. In actual words, this means that it checks the level and intensity of bacteria on surfaces. In other words, we can now "define, how clean your site is" Does your site need germ, bacteria decontamination? This will tell you once and for all.

How Does It Work?

The unit itself is quite portable. Possibly about the size of 3 iPhones put together? Operation is easy to monitor germs in your location. Using a unique "swab" that is purchased separately (these swabs cost quite a surprising amount of money by the way), we simply go from surface to surface, dabbing as we go. Once the dabbing is complete, we insert the swab into the analyzer and check the readings.

How Long Does It Take?

The unit takes 15 seconds to boot up, and a further 15 seconds to analyze the swab when inserted. It is swift. The swabbing of areas depends on the size of your commercial site but generally allow a few minutes. So all up, the process takes under 5 minutes.

May the Results be Accurate?

The Hygiena system is known to be one of the most accurate devices on the market. There are other ATP checking devices to examine bacteria levels, but the Hygiena system is known as one of the best.

At Ava Safe, we also monitor and clean our equipment periodically. This means the results are very accurate.

Book a Free Swab Analysis with Ava Safe NOW (offer available for the month of May only) Book in your free Swab Analysis. This is obligation free. In the current situation we are all in, do not take the chance. Even seemingly clean surfaces may have intense bacteria concentrations. Germs can rename dormant on surfaces. Can you afford to have your location shut down, or your staff and guests fall ill? Call or email us now.

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