Free Site Decontamination with Purchase

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

For this week only, until the close of business this Friday (i.e., 12th of June 2020), we are offering free site decontamination for up to 50 square meters for every thermal camera unit sold.

Some conditions do apply. Setup charges for the service are applicable and available only within NSW. Regardless if we have a pandemic, or not, ridding your office location of germs before your guests and staff arrive, is always a great idea.

We have decontaminated a few offices in Sydney already, and you will be surprised as to the amount of bacteria present. This is true, even for recently cleaned offices. You see our service, is not to replace conventional cleaning, nor can traditional cleaning, properly rid an office quite like our process. We typically reduce the presence of germs and bacteria in an office by 10 to up to 90 times less.

Don't believe us? We prove our results with an organism checker called an ATP machine.

Don't delay; take advantage of this offer today.

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