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How Ava Safe Successfully Sets Up Dahua Thermal Cameras

Updated: Jul 14

We've been asked this a couple of times during demonstrations and via email, 'how do you manage to successfully set up your thermal cameras?' Obviously if you invest in a thermal screening system from Ava Safe, our team of experts will install and setup your system for you, but we thought it would be interesting to cover a few basics regarding how we ensure our Dahua body temperature cameras are working at their best.

We Consider Temperature and Airflow

To ensure the most consistent possible temperatures for accurate comparative measurement, we always set up our thermal cameras away from entrances/exits and air conditioning/heating vents. When people come and go from outside, the air temperature will fluctuate -- which is why we opt to setup our thermal screening devices further into your lobby than the doorway. This means we can still scan those coming and going but we don't have to worry about large changes in temperature. Similarly if your device is sitting right under a heating or cooling vent, you will likely have the same problem. Part of what our team does when they first arrive on site is to scout the areas most impacted by air temperature changes and ensure we avoid these positions as much as possible.

Thermal Camera and Blackbody

We Have the Camera and Blackbody Appropriately Distanced

A thermal screening camera provides the most reliable temperature scans when you have it set up in conjunction with a Blackbody. Blackbody devices provide a consistent temperature for measurement accuracy while screening, which is why it is important to have these two devices set up in a way that maximises their reliability. The standard appropriate distance between the camera and Blackbody is 3 metres, as this allows them to communicate while still providing enough room for those being screened to pass by both devices with ease.

We Consult With You

Above all else, the systems we provide must be installed in a way that works for you and your team. Before we set up your thermal screening camera some of the topics we will cover with you include:

  • Most used entry/exit

  • Areas with the right amount of space for screening your daily foot traffic

  • Positions of air conditioning and heating systems

  • Estimated number of visitors to your location

  • Your goal with the system

  • Whether you require the device on a mobile tripod or mounted wall socket

We want you to be satisfied with the thermal imaging camera we provide you and part of that is ensuring it is installed and positioned in such a way that you get maximum benefit from it. At the end of the day, Ava Safe is a small Aussie business working with other Aussie businesses to help boost the safety of our community. Setting up our cameras correctly is just one small way in which we are working towards this goal.

Contact our friendly team if you'd like more detailed information on our setup or consultation processes.

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