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How the Dahua Thermal Camera Alarm Works

Updated: Jul 14

One of the most common questions we're asked is "do your cameras come with alarms", and I'm happy to answer that yes, all of our thermal imaging cameras have inbuilt alarm systems for when someone scans at a higher-than-normal temperature. But it can be a bit difficult trying to imagine what these alarms are like just from looking at photos online, so today's blog covers a visual and audio experience featuring our great value Dahua thermal camera system.

What Happens When an Elevated Temperature is Detected

Temperature detection in thermal cameras involves reading the body temperature of individuals, which is measured against existing data (such as normal human body temperatures) and the feed from your Blackbody device (which gives an accurate environmental temperature). When someone is warm and their body temperature doesn't check out with what the camera knows, it will alert you in 3 ways:

  1. A visible alert on your computer system, for those monitoring the system.

  2. A visible alert on the camera device, a light which flashes for individuals to notice.

  3. An audible alert on the camera, which blares a controllable alarm noise for both staff and those being scanned to hear.

The reason for the multiple alerts is to ensure that visual and audible elements are covered, as it is possible to miss one but unlikely for you to miss both (it also means that those with low vision or low hearing are still catered to).

An Audible Dahua Alarm in Action

There's no better way to experience the Dahua system alarm than to actually see it in action. We are confident that this alarm will provide you with the notice you need to take action in the event of a feverish individual entering your premises. Please watch the video below and see for yourselves or contact our sales team for your own demonstration.

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