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Installation in a Local Sydney High School

Updated: Jul 14

2 Weeks ago, we had a thermal camera unit installed within a local high school located in the North Shore area of Sydney, within New South Wales. The installation was a success, and we had 4 members on hand to assist and facilitate the process.

The hardest bit about the whole process was where to install the unit. The principal at the end made this difficult decision. Some of the key concerns about where to instal the camera included:

  • Which space was large enough to accommodate a large group of students each morning

  • How to check for forehead temperatures quickly? Having students wait in the morning for lengthy delays was not an option.

Set-up In the Basketball Hall

The final decision was made to set-up the thermal unit, within the basketball hall. This location was relatively central within the highschool. The hall had an entrance on the right and an exit on the left.

This allowed students and staff to enter quickly and leave efficiently. The result? No delays, no downtime.

Was It Effective?

Yes, it was effective. Yesterday we were notified that a student attended school in the morning with a high body temperature. Thankfully, it seems that student had the regular flu, and was merely unwell that day. When the alarm went off, the student was promptly given medical attention; the parents were called in, to accompany the child back home for some rest and medication.

The Advantages of a Thermal Unit compared to handheld devices.

Compared to handheld devices, the advantages of a full set-up is immense. For a school environment, mornings tend to be rather intense.

1) Allowing foot traffic to flow freely is critical, to save time

2) Our device saves having to have multiple teachers on thermometer duties, to save them time. Importantly it allows teachers to monitor temperatures at a safe distance. Not putting teachers at risk of infection. Peace of mind for staff.

Next Steps!

The next step, assuming the number of recorded cases declines, would be to move the unit into the office. This enables monitoring for lower traffic for only guests, and monitoring as needed for students who may not be feeling well.

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