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NEW! Mobotix Thermal Cameras from Germany!

Updated: Jul 14

Ava Safe is proud to now have the Mobotix M16 thermal screening camera in our range for Australian consumers. Mobotix is Germany's leading supplier of security devices and is recognised internationally as a provider of cutting-edge thermal camera technology. The Mobotix M16 is the company's latest thermal-screening camera with powerful imaging capacity and algorithms that ensure the highest left of accuracy in all measurements.

Why Choose a Mobotix Thermal Screening Camera from Ava Safe?

Mobotix is the go-to brand for those seeking precision German engineering in their thermal cameras. You can purchase the Mobotix M16 with confidence knowing that only the highest quality components have been used and the device fully manufactured in Germany. But that isn't the only reason that the Ava Safe team is so excited to feature this camera in our range.

The Mobotix M16 is weatherproof, a robust device designed for functioning outdoors and indoors, day and night. Versatile and stylish, the Mobotix M16 thermal camera is also extremely easy to operate and features an intuitive design so your team can effectively monitor crowds without the needs for extensive training.

Another highlight of the Mobotix device is that it can be easily wall/ceiling mounted (and it comes with a mount for this purpose) or you can purchase an additional pole if you'd like to use it as a mobile thermal camera. The Mobotix camera is lightweight but still robust enough for indoor and outdoor use, so you can put it anywhere (mobile or mounted) that you'd like to screen people for a high temperature -- the possibilities are endless.

If you'd like to learn more about the M16 or if you'd like to check out an obligation-free demonstration, please contact the Ava Safe team today. We're sure you're going to like this camera as much as we do.

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