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NEW! The Sentry MK4 Thermal Screening Device in Australia

Updated: Jul 14

Ava Safe is proud to announce that we are working with Omnisense Systems' Australian distributor, Syno Global, to provide the Sentry MK4 Thermal Screening System to local organisations. The Sentry MK4 is one of the most accurate, compact, and popular new devices on the market and it is currently being deployed across Singapore, the USA, and Japan as part of international efforts against the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Now Australia is on that list thanks to the Ava Safe team and local businesses wanting to protect their most important assets.

Why Choose the Sentry MK4 for Protecting Your Premises?

The Sentry MK4 was designed with usability and functionality in mind. The device allows you to screen individuals within crowds in commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, industrial facilities, banks and public areas. What makes the Sentry MK4 such a great choice is that it is very easy to use and makes monitoring crowds for spiking temperatures a breeze. Features include:

  • An intuitive multi-touch screen

  • Connectivity with smart devices (so you can monitor on the move)

  • Video recording option

  • One of the smallest devices in the world for its capacity

  • Easy to setup as a fixed or mobile device, your choice

  • Auto-tracking on identified subjects

The MK4 draws heavily on the MK3, which was used across Asia in the fight against H5N1 and previous novel Coronavirus infections. Using the previously proven system as a base, the MK4 is even smaller, more capable, and particularly adept for use during outbreak scenarios. We absolutely love this stylish and easy-to-use device and know that you will too. Your organisation will benefit from the sophisticated detection algorithm used by the Sentry MK4 to accurately identify those suffering from an elevated body temperature.

Learn more about why the Sentry MK4 might suit your Aussie organisation AND setup an obligation-free demo by contacting the Ava Safe team today.

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