Self Monitor Your Temperature

Updated: Jul 14

If you trust employees to work from home, it means you have faith in both their ability and responsibility. Perhaps, you may also place their faith in monitoring their own health too? This is where self-monitoring for elevated temperatures may be something you should consider. For peace of mind for staff.

Have One In Your Office Entrance

So it works something like this. Have you ever driven past one of those devices which checks your cars speed? It is not a speeding camera, so you do not get a ticket. What it does do, though, is that it has a big display that shows the speed you are currently travelling.

In a driving sense, it is supposed to discourage speeding.

This is how self-monitoring may work in a work environment. By having a self-monitoring, a thermal device where people may measure their temperature in an instant before starting work is an easy and unobtrusive way to start the working day.

How to Set Up?

Setting up cannot be more comfortable. Have a compact thermal unit, along with a monitor such as our one placed on a reception desk and facing the door.

You may also extend the visual range of a forehead temperature, by connecting it up to an LCD monitor.

If you have a larger thermal camera installed, instead of having the monitor face the security, or reception, have the LCD monitor face outwards.

This is an easy solution to implement self-monitoring. These monitoring methods do not need to be COVID-19 purposes. Even for general health purposes, especially during the colder times of the year.

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