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Setting Up the Dahua Budget Desktop Thermal Unit

Updated: Jul 14

The Dahua Budget Desktop Thermal Unit is one of our latest temperature screening devices that offers the power of a thermal camera with the simplicity of a touch screen tablet. We recently set one up in the Ava Safe office and let me tell you, it was easy!

Step One: Out of the Box

First things first, we needed to unpack the device. It was well packaged with foam for its travel to our office, getting it out was fairly straightforward.

Step Two: Plug In

Once out of the box we needed to plug the device into the wall and turn it on. Literally that was all we needed to do before the device booted up.

Step Three: Initial Login

With the device plugged in and switched on, we needed to set the administrator login. This was as easy as typing it in before we were introduced to a menu that allowed us to choose what we'd like the device to do.

Step Four: Menu Selection

Now that we're logged in, it is time to pick from the menu. This is a very simple device so the only options available are 'Password', 'User', and 'Face'. We select 'Face' to bring us directly into thermal screening mode.

Step Five: Calibration

The Dahua device takes around 30 minutes to calibrate once you load up the face scanning option. During this 30 minutes the tablet senses environmental temperatures, averages them out, and then is ready to start screening human body temperatures to check for an elevated temperature signal. The calibration time was over quickly and then we were able to start scanning Ava Safe staff!

Step Six: Temperature Screen Your Team

Once your calibration is complete you can begin scanning your team. When your temperature is within an acceptable range the Dahua tablet says "access granted" and you can proceed. If your temperature is too high the tablet says firmly "access denied" and you have the opportunity to re-scan your body temperature. Your actual temperature will be displayed by the device, with a normal number in blue (for acceptable) and a high number in red (unacceptable).

If your temperature remains high you should probably work from home, but thankfully everyone from Ava Safe has a normal temperature during today's test run!

And that's it, basic setup complete! Obviously if you want to take advantage of facial recognition for security there is an extra level of setup, but for those just wanting to scan for a high body temperature it really is as simple as unboxing, plugging in, waiting half-an-hour, and scanning away with ease.

I'll be honest, I've dealt with all the thermal imaging cameras we sell here at Ava Safe and this one was by far the easiest to use out of the box. Highly recommended if you want to temperature screen but don't know where to start -- it really is simple to master and use every day.

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