Staring Down the Barrel of a Thermal Gun

Updated: Jun 2

So the other day, I felt it was safe enough to do a bit of shopping. Knowing that the world is a new normal, I knew there were rules in place when entering shops that need to be adhered to. These rules enable us to be safe, and Australia, to be incredibly lucky compared to other countries.

Rules When Entering into a Shop

This particular retail shop I was entering had not reached its maximum capacity yet. I was lucky enough, not to wait outside in line. So without any delay, I walked into the shop and was immediately greeted by security.

The security required all entrants to have their forehead scanned for a high temperature. This was indeed the first time this has happened to me. In the past few weeks, I was successful in avoiding having my temperature scanned. What I didn't expect was how mentally invasive having your temperature taken in public, by a stranger, using a thermal handgun.

I realised quickly why these devices have a name that references a weapon. In every sense, it felt just like that - a person pointing a gun-shaped device at me within centimetres of my forehead between the eyes.

What made things worse was the initial scan was inconclusive, so I had to repeat the process.

A Better Way to Scan Temperatures

It is for this reason, that I strongly urge retail locations, to adopt this low cost, device which we have just released. This is a desktop sized budget thermal camera. The device looks like an Ipad, and it scans for temperatures quickly.

How does it work? You simply walk within a meter or two of the device and look at it.

That's It! temperature scanned. If you are overheating, it will simply tell you. If not, you are good to go. Quick, non-invasive and much better for the guest, as well as the staff who need to go much too near the general public to scan for temperatures.

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