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Thermal Cameras Don't Detect Corona, But It's Close

Updated: Jul 14

Let me be the first to say this. Thermal cameras do not detect the Corona Virus, but do you want to take that chance? Let me explain in a bit more detail.

Thermal cameras detect forehead temperatures only. The devices that we stock do them in a way that is non-invasive and quite accurately. A forehead temperature is known to be a symptom of the Corona Virus. Let me explain a little bit about what temperature means, and what an elevated body temperature means.

A high temperature occurs when your body is under attack, your immune systems kicks into action violently and dramatically. Your body temperature gets elevated when the virus attack becomes strong. When your forehead temperature is high, this is not a good sign and is a sure way to identify that something is not well.

Having a high body temperature has been commonly reported with those suffering from the Coronavirus. There are cases where people have the virus and have not displayed the symptom. Perhaps they were in early stages or maybe were lucky enough to have a mild case.

And About Thermal Cameras

Now let's go back to Thermal Cameras. No, these cameras do not detect the Corona Virus. They do detect forehead temperature, and if you operate or work within a location that may have hundreds or even thousands of guests and employees on any given day, you do not know who may have a high body temperature or not. If someone has a high temperature, you know for sure that is someone who is not feeling well. The probability is likely they have some illness, potentially Coronavirus or influenza.

Right now, probability and sensibility is the best tool we have against this pandemic. So no, thermal cameras, do not detect the Corona Virus, however, if you want to arm yourself with the best available methods to detect illnesses, it is the best (albeit an imperfect) tool that is available.

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