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Thermal Cameras for Returning to Work With Confidence

Updated: Jul 14

As someone with a pre-existing health condition, having to isolate from my colleagues during the Coronavirus outbreak has been scary and difficult. There are a lot of people out there who, for one reason or another, may be worried about returning to work as normal while the virus still exists in the community. It is completely understandable to be concerned about the spread of such an illness, but personally I've found myself no longer afraid to return to my workplace because Ava Safe has systems in place to minimise my risk of exposure. If you want your staff and visitors to similarly return to work with confidence, then you'll want to follow the tips below.

Thermal Screening Cameras at Entrances

Thermal screening cameras can't tell you what someone may be infected with, but they can tell you if someone is running a high temperature so you can get them to self-isolate before entering your premises. Using a Dahua thermal camera for thermal screening is a powerful way to instill confidence in your staff and visitors because they can be set up for all to see when they enter your workplace. Thermal screening applies equally to everyone so there is a level playing field among staff and if someone is found to be running a temperature, the solution is for them to return home until they are well so nobody else is exposed.

Personally, when I enter the Ava Safe office and walk by the camera we have set up, I know it won't magically protect me from all the nasties floating around in the world, but it will pick up anyone who is running a high body temperature and seeing it whenever I walk past reminds me that my workplace cares about my well-being and the well-being of everyone else who enters our office.

Social Distancing Being Practiced

Another tip to help your staff feel better about returning to work is ensure that social distancing is being applied in your workplace. Make sure desks aren't any closer than 1.5 metres apart and that as much as it might pain staff, sharing snacks or giving each other hi5s is out of the question for the immediate future. When I see my colleagues respecting social distancing as set down by management, I feel safe to continue about my everyday tasks without having to worry about anyone violating the rules that are in place for all our benefits.

Access to Hand Sanitiser, Face Masks and Soap

Be like the Ava Safe office and ensure you have hand sanitiser available on each desk and at the entrance for visitors to your office. Soap and warm water should be available in the kitchen and bathroom for hand-washing when appropriate. Hand sanitiser is a stopgap that can really make a difference in staff confidence. Don't expect your team to bring in tiny bottles on their own, be generous and provide large santisier dispensers and watch staff confidence grow. Be sure that management staff also make use of sanitisers regularly as well, to show that everyone in the team is in this together. Similarly, having disposable face masks available to all team members shows a level of compassion that is important during these difficult times.

Use a Sanitisation Service

Finally, consider using a commercial disinfection service that uses natural cleaner and a fogging technique to destroy bacteria and viral casings on all surfaces in your work area -- including the impossible-to-reach ones that regular cleaning simply cannot work on. This service may be applied regularly or as a one-off, but this is one option that all my colleagues agree on -- you really do feel as if your office is hospital level clean after using the service (because it is)!

So there you have it, if you actively provide ways for your staff to be protected they will feel better about returning to work in an office environment. Working from home may still be appropriate in some cases, but ultimately for Australia to return to normal we all need to do our part and help one another to feel confident enough to keep getting the job done.

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