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Thermal Cameras: Australia's New Normal

Updated: Jul 14

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought international attention to the need to adopt increased personal hygiene processes and social distancing to help prevent further pandemics in the future. Another essential ingredient in the mix is thermal screening in workplaces and public areas, to ensure those who present as unwell can be sent home before mingling and spreading a potentially severe infection.

The Cost of Common Illnesses

Every flu season, there are approximately 1500-3000 deaths in Australia, 18,000 hospitalisations, and 300,000 related GP consultations (source: ISG org). The cost to the country and businesses of this one illness (which can present with an initial temperature) is socially and financially high, and that is without factoring in other common infectious diseases that can spread throughout the community including our latest deadly enemy, COVID-19. Checking for raised body temperature in humans can assist in stopping the spread of these contagious bugs by making sure those who have a high body temperature don't work and travel with healthy individuals.

Invest in Future Security

When your business, school, university, or government department invests in thermal screening technology such as our Budget Dahua Devices or Mobotix M16 System, the money is going towards advanced technology that may help you save money and staff well-being in the long run. When you avert the spread of illnesses that present with elevated body temperature, your team is less likely to take sick leave in order to recover, which benefits the worker and the work environment. While we all hope that 2020 will be the last time we see COVID-19 future pandemics are always a possibility, in addition to seasonal illnesses. That's why investing in screening devices makes sense -- it allows Australian organisations to take some control over an uncertain situation and have systems in place to help protect staff and visitors alike.

So get ahead of the curve and speak with the Ava Safe team about investing in a screening camera device. The health and safety of your team will remain a key factor long after Coronavirus, so start taking the necessary steps to protect your team now. We have devices to suit any budget and rental plans available if you'd prefer to try before you buy. Embrace a safe and secure future with Ava Safe Australia.

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