Why Use Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperatures

Updated: Jul 14

Thermal imaging cameras have been used internationally for many years to help detect individuals in crowds with an elevated body temperature. Airports, train stations, theme parks, concerts, and factories all utilise this technology to help protect their patrons. But why choose this method for singling out those with a high body temperature? And why hasn't Australia jumped on board with this revolutionary technology yet? Today, we're looking into the value of thermal cameras as a means for detecting high body temperatures.

Thermal Detection as Precaution

A high body temperature is one of the most common signs that the human body is battling an infection of some kind. We've all felt those nasty waves of hot and cold envelope our bodies, but often we don't realise we're running a high body temperature until it is quite high and we're showing a lot of physical symptoms. Using thermal imaging cameras, like the ones from Ava Safe, allows places with high foot traffic to single out those in a crowd who have an elevated body temperature -- often before they even realise they're running a n elevated body temperature. Given that early detection is the best way to stop the spread of infections, utilising thermal image cameras in your business or public space makes sense, particularly during a difficult period like the current COVID-19 Coranvirus pandemic.

Protecting Your Staff, Visitors and Assets

Seasonal infections like influenza are estimated to cost Australian businesses between 7-35 billion dollars each year thanks to a combination of absenteeism, lost wages, and lost productivity. That isn't even touching on the 1,500-3,000 influenza-related deaths annually in Australia which impact family and friends as well as those lost. Now consider that the flu isn't the only highly contagious infection being transmitted through close contact with unwell persons -- there's currently COVID-19 as well as various other viruses and bacterial strains that can cause illness and lost productivity across the board. If you can take action to avoid this spread of disease and to ensure your staff are able to work as usual, you're protecting your assets from a long-term perspective.

Thermal cameras cannot diagnose or detect specific illnesses (their functionality would be very limited if this were true) the detection of high body temperatures allows you to take action and ensure unwell staff or visitors don't mingle with the well until they're over their illness.

Introducing Australians to Thermal Technology

It seems extremely simple, doesn't it? Use a device to scan crowds and keep the sick from mixing with the unwell, surely it can't be that straightforward. Actually, it is. We've come a long way from the days when you had to rely on blurry, unreadable, and overly complex devices to help secure your business. The temperature cameras from Ava Safe are state-of-the-art and used across Asia in crowded areas. They offer a simple interface and fast, 1-second scan to ensure maximum efficiency.

So what has kept Aussies from embracing this technology to their advantage? Well, until recently there hasn't been a lot of local options for cameras that operate at a world-leading capacity. Ava Safe was formed when we realised that these cameras existed, were affordable, and could be used in the fight against Coranvirus here in Australia. It's time we joined the rest of the world and started protecting one another with reliable, unobtrusive devices that help stop the progress of debilitating infections.

Contact our friendly team today to organise a demonstration of the devices, or simply to learn more about price and bundle options.

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