What is Deep Cleaning?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Deep cleaning means an extensive cleaning process. How thorough is it though? Let us take you through the process. In the fight against Pandemics, effective cleaning, sensible policies and technology such as temperature scanners all play a role in minimizing the spread and keeping people safe.

Until the COVID-19, there was little reason for any Australian business to consider Deep Cleaning. The term itself was very rarely known outside of the cleaning industry. Now though, deep cleaning is high in the minds of many businesses. This is what deep cleaning means.

Mechanical Wipe Down of All Surfaces

To begin with, all floors, desktops, surfaces will be wiped down using a disinfectant. The floor will also be vacuumed and cleaned. So far, so good, this is all standard commercial cleaning.

What distinguishes deep cleaning from regular cleaning? The answer is the amount of detail and disinfectant used.

Instead of merely wiping physical particles and pushing germs onto rags, we actively seek and kill bacteria with disinfectants.

Another distinguishing feature of deep cleaning is how intense it is. All surfaces are wiped down with disinfectants. This includes keyboards, phone dial pads, the entire surface of a desk, computer monitors. The amount of detail it covers may be summarised by one word. "Everything" is wiped down.

The Finishing Process

Our in-depth cleaning process will follow with our fogging process. The fogging process which we utilize will send vapours of the fog into your location. This fog will permeate, every surface on your premise, including the carpet, the walls, ceilings and all hard to reach surfaces.

Only then will we properly conclude that your location has been deep cleansed.

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