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What to Expect From a Thermal Camera Demonstration by Ava Safe

Updated: Jul 14

One of the best ways to get a feel for whether using a thermal imaging camera is right for your enterprise or community facility is to book a demonstration with the experienced Ava Safe team. We can come and physically setup the system for a test run at your facilities, or use services such as Zoom and FaceTime to provide a virtual demonstration during this period of social distancing. So, what's the process?

Obligation-Free Thermal Screening Camera Demonstrations

  1. You reach out to us and confirm your preferred type of demonstration (local or virtual). We confirm a date and time that suits your organisation.

  2. On the date of the demonstration we will begin setting up the camera and related devices 1 hour before use.

  3. When the demonstration begins we will show you, in real time, groups of individuals walking through the camera range -- one with a heated forehead. You will see immediately how the camera picks up on a single person with a raise temperature in a crowd and alerts you.

  4. If we are performing the demonstration in your office, you and your team will have the opportunity to both learn how to read and use the camera as well as test it on others present. This is a no-contact device and completely unobtrusive so social distancing is maintained throughout.

  5. There is time for questions about the products, pricing, installation, and other relevant subjects after the demo is complete. We will always take our time to explain anything you ask after and are happy to stick around for a cuppa to discuss anything further.

  6. Once all questions are answered and the demonstration is over we will pack up the device. We can organise with you for a second demonstration for directors/shareholders or we can assist in setting up a rental device or beginning the sales process -- it's up to you.

Pretty straightforward, huh? Here at Ava Safe our demonstrations are quick, easy-to-understand and cultivated to fit into your busy schedule. So what are you waiting for? Contact us on sales@avasafe.com.au to book your own Aussie demo today!

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