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When Thermal Imaging Cameras Detect a High Temperature

Updated: Jul 14

Today's blog is based on my own experience as someone who was scanned for elevated body temperature and, well, ended up having a high temperature! It wasn't something I was excited to have happen to me (nobody wants to be unwell, let's face it) but I was surprised at how unobtrusive and simple it all ended up being.

Being Scanned for a High Temperature in the Workplace

In the Ava Safe office environment, it should come as no surprise that we utilise a thermal camera device to scan those entering our workplace. We also have a hand-held thermometer available as a just-in-case option, like a lot of modern Aussie offices nowadays. So it is standard practice now for team members to walk into the office, pause for a couple of seconds while the thermal camera scans them, then head to their desk when their body temperature registers as normal.

But what happens when your body temperature isn't "normal"? As I discovered for myself, an alarm will sound and lights will flash on the end of the camera. I hadn't been feeling particularly unwell the night before (or I wouldn't have come to work) but I did have a bit of a headache. So hearing the alarm made me immediately step to the side while one of my colleagues offered me a mask to wear. I popped the mask on then went back through the scanning process to confirm that the first was accurate. The alarm sounded again, and I sighed, it was time to work from home. I said 'bye' to everyone and left quickly, ensuring I didn't go any further into the office. I went home and took some cold and flu tablets then let my body rest.

That Was It?

First and foremost, I don't have a serious infection (my temperature was only a couple of degrees above normal, owing to a cold) but I was surprised at how simple it all was. I'm a bit of a nervous type and don't like having all eyes on me in a room, but because we're all used to the thermal imaging camera being there when the alarm went off the Ava Safe team didn't panic or make me feel uncomfortable. It was all very matter-of-fact, like scanning a keycard at a building entrance. When I realised I was unwell I actually felt relieved that the alarm went off because I didn't feel extremely sick, just a tad under the weather, and I would have been upset if I'd been able to go about my work in the office and inadvertently exposed my team members to an illness.

Reflecting on My Thermal Screening Experience

The normalisation of thermal cameras as part of everyday office environments is important because it means there's no extreme reactions when someone does register a high temperature. I actually felt better about being scanned by the camera on our wall then I do about those temperature guns they point in your face when you visit shops -- nobody else was really involved in the process and I understood what the alarm meant. Overall I'd say I was surprised by just how straightforward the entire thing was. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't happy to be sick and I definitely don't want to have a high body temperature again anytime soon, but knowing that the alarm process was so simple really lowered my anxiety in what could have been a difficult situation.

So take it from me, if you do have patrons or staff that register an elevated body temperature on your thermal imaging camera, it was a totally acceptable experience and one that made me feel good about my team members being protected. If you'd like to learn more about thermal screening, contact the Ava Safe sales staff today.

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