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Why Australian Businesses Should Use Thermal Screening Cameras

Updated: Jul 14

With the rise of the current global pandemic, we can never be too careful. Social distancing has limited our interaction and going into a local shop or business can be quite daunting. Although, this crisis has led to a new surge in technology. Thermal imaging camera detectors are now being implemented in businesses across Australia to identify potential hazards. As we slowly start to reintegrate back into society, bring your business to the forefront of innovation with these thermal imaging cameras. Here are just a few of the reasons why your business needs these products now!

Successful Implementation Overseas

These temperature guns have already seen successful implementation abroad, such as in Germany, China and Singapore. Premium businesses such as HSBC, Civil Singapore Defence, Disneyland, Stockland and Westpac have all incorporated these cameras to screen individuals in dense public areas. With our wide range of camera devices and

bundles, these products will suit any business in any location, and will surely maintain the safety and health of your employees and customers.

Non-Invasive Use

A key concern with the introduction of such thermal imaging hardware is that they may be an invasion of privacy. Naturally, this is our greatest concern and we have taken proactive steps to mitigate this issue. These cameras are intended to merely screen body temperature and there will be no data harvesting. We have taken measures against hacking to ensure that these items align with Australian legislation and regulation, to result in a product that is safe for both you and your business as well as the general public.

Easy Incorporation to Your Business

Despite appearing complex, these thermal imaging detectors are incredibly easy to install. There is no need for hours of training to operate. These cameras are intuitive and straightforward to use, even determining the difference between a person and a hot cup of coffee. Accuracy, precision and accessibility is our goal and you can rest assured sure these cameras will surpass your expectations. Forget micromanaging, just let the cameras do their work.

If this sounds appealing to you then give the Ava Safe team a call. We can organise a demonstration for your organisation or simply forward you more information or pricing.

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