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Why Australians Are Choosing Dahua Thermal Cameras

Updated: Jul 14

Here at Ava Safe we have a variety of different products, all from world-leading organisations that specialise in secure thermal imaging devices, but the camera brand that remains our local best-seller is Dahua Technology. Why are Dahua's thermal cameras our most popular choice? There are a couple of key reasons.

Dahua Cameras are Easy to Use

Thermal camera technology has been developed over decades by scientists around the world, but when it comes to actually using these devices we can't all be professors. Dahua's cameras are made for regular business owners and staff to use with minimal training. The camera and its blackbody are straightforward and intuitive without compromising on fast, accurate elevated temperature detection. The AI ensures that your need for technical input is minimal and the simple interface is easy to follow while operating.

The Dahua Scanning Process is Effortless

Some thermal screening systems require a complex scanning process, but the Dahua camera makes life easy. All you need to do is:

  • Have a safe area for people to walk through to your screening point (using bollards or other crowd control if need be).

  • Ensure your screening point is 3m away from the camera for best possible accuracy.

  • Have individuals or groups of up to 15 walk to your screening point for almost instantaneous body temperature detection.

  • An alarm will sound if a person presents with a high body temperature. You may re-scan the individual and if the alarm sounds a second time, you can begin a staff review or your containment procedures.

  • Repeat as necessary throughout the day.

Ava Safe is Your Reliable Australian Supplier

Finally, the Ava Safe team themselves help make our cameras stand out against the competition because we offer comprehensive installation, trouble-shooting, and after sales services. Our goal is that you never feel overwhelmed when dealing with our Dahua cameras, and in the rare case that you have a setback our experienced team will help sort it out for you. Contact us today for more information on our best-selling Dahua range and how best to implement temperature screening on your premises.

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