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Why Choose a Dahua Budget Thermal Unit?

Updated: Jul 14

The latest addition to our range, the Dahua DHI-ASI7213X-T, or Budget Thermal Unit is the absolute best in its class for fast, effective thermal screening in Australian workplaces. The whole Ava Safe team is stoked about stocking this device because it really is one of the most affordable and user-friendly products we've used!

Fast, Accurate Body Temperature Screening

The DHI-ASI7213X-T temperature station offers infrared temperature scanning, and contactless temperature measurement that is accurate to ±0.5° C. What makes this device different from some of the higher-end ones is that it is extremely economical without compromising on speed or accuracy. Only one person can be scanned at a time; however, as the scan speed is around 1 second, these devices can process everyone entering and leaving your premises quickly and easily.

So Simple to Use

Don't worry about needing installation or deployment from a trained team; these temperature sensing terminals are so simple to use that you can plug them in and set them up within minutes. The goal with the DHI-ASI7213X-T is to give users a seamless user experience, and because the device features a touch screen, you'll be able to start scanning individuals the day you receive it.

Elevated Temperature Detection and Face Recognition

Another highlight of these devices is the ability to sense temperature as well as recognise up to 100,00 faces making them an ideal device to have in your lobby. Workers and visitors alike can be checked for elevated body temperature and their credentials at the same time, giving you an extra layer of security. Use a desktop mount or spend a little extra and get a floor stand to improve accessibility in your workplace.

Learn More Today

If an authentic Dahua technology device that is affordable and offers dual scanning functions sounds good to you, then you need to speak with the friendly Ava Safe team. We can assist with a demonstration, bulk pricing, and further product information to meet your needs. Give us a buzz today to learn more about this incredible new screener device in our range!

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