The Dahua Advanced Thermal Camera Bundle from Ava Safe Australia combines sophisticated temperature monitoring technology into a straightforward pack that can be utilised by any organisation seeking to screen staff and visitors for fevers. This bundle provides you with an advanced BF3221 Dahua camera and the essentials you need to begin thermal imaging on your premises.


Best Option for Large Corporations

The state-of-the-art Dahua camera scans individuals for high temperatures, alerting you with an audible alarm if anyone presents with a fever. They are a vital workplace addition for those looking to protect their staff and clients from a viral or bacterial infection (e.g. COVID-19, influenza, etc.) which may include an elevated body temperature as a symptom.

Order Multiple Thermal Cameras for All Your Branches


The Dahua Advanced Bundle comes complete with installation from our tech team and guidance on how to use the system.  You'll be scanning and protecting your staff and visitors in no time with Ava Safe!

Dahua Advanced Thermal Camera Bundle

  • Bundle includes thermal camera, blackbody, power, tripod, and connector


    Vox uncooled focal plane detector

    ​Resolution:  256*192
    Spectral Range: 8μm~14μm
    Thermal lens3.5mm/7mm
    NETD<50 mK
    Visible lens4mm/8mm
    AlarmBuilt-in white warning light, audible alert
    Temperature measurement range
    : 30℃~45℃

    Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3℃ with blackbody, ±1℃ without blackbody

    The focal length of the thermal imaging lens is 7mm, and the recommended distance is 3m.


    Working temperature:40.0℃ (environment temperature +5.0℃~ 50.0℃)
    Temperature resolution0.1℃
    Temperature measurement accuracy±0.2℃(Single point)
    Temperature stability±( 0.1~0.2 )℃/30min
    Effective emissivity0.97±0.02
    Power220VAC 50Hz
    Ambient temperature and humidity: 0~40℃/≤80%RH
    Blackbody : camera 1:1


    Desktop power adapter: AC100V~240V-12V2A-VI


    A sturdy stand to hold your camera in place while you perform screenings.


    This item connects the camera to the tripod/connects the blackbody to the tripod. A set of temperature measuring equipment requires two tripods, two transfer parts, one for the camera and one for the blackbody

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