The Dahua Entry-Level Thermal Camera Networking Bundle from Ava Safe Australia provides you not just with a quality BF2221 Dahua fever screening camera, but also a 4G modem so you can network your device. If you already have a network for the camera to tap into, you might prefer our Basic Dahua Entry Level Bundle instead.


Buy a Fever-Screening Camera With a Modem


Once set up by the Ava Safe installation team, the BF2221 camera and Blackbody will work together to scan and analyse temperature data from people walking by. If anyone's forehead registers a fever, the thermal camera will alert you with a light and alarm so you can take urgent action before the sick individual mingles with your team.


We Install Cameras at Your Location

The Entry-Level Dahua Network Bundle comes complete with installation within 2 weeks from the Ava Safe tech team and guidance on how to use the system. You can rely on Ava Safe to provide you with the best fever screening devices available for the Australian market, including this great value network pack.

Dahua Entry Level Thermal Camera Networking Bundle

SKU: D-EL-02
  • Bundle includes thermal camera, blackbody, power, tripod, connector, NVR, and modem


    Spectral Range8μm~14μm
    Thermal lens3.5mm/7mm
    NETD<50 mK
    Visible lens4mm/8mm
    AlarmBuilt-in white light warning light, audible alarm
    Temperature measurement range
    Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3℃ with blackbody, ±1℃ without blackbody

    The focal length of the thermal imaging lens is 3.5mm; 7mm, and the recommended distance is 2m.


    Working temperature40.0℃ (environment temperature +5.0℃~ 50.0℃)
    Temperature resolution0.1℃
    Temperature measurement accuracy±0.2℃ (Single point)

    Temperature stability±( 0.1~0.2 )℃/30min
    Effective emissivity0.97±0.02
    Power220VAC 50Hz
    Ambient temperature and humidity 0~40℃/≤80%RH
    Blackbody : camera 1:1


    Desktop power adapter: AC100V~240V-12V2A-VI




    1. Alarm event access
    2. Storage, query and playback of alarm video

    3. Face recognition
    4. Local display + 27" Monitor


    4G Modem & Internet Setup

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