The Omnisense Sentry MK4 Thermal Screening Camera Bundle from Ava Safe Australia is a sophisticated fever screening system that is compact, modern, and easy to employ in the field. Use these products in universities, aged care facilities, businesses, and public spaces. We include the camera device in this bundle, with an optional stand available upon request.

Premium Device With Stylish, Compact Design


The stylish and efficient Sentry MK4 device will sound an alarm when someone with a high temperature passes through the scanning area. You can then get the person to leave the busy area and reduce the chances of spreading infection.

Easily Screen People for Signs of a Fever


The Sentry MK4 set, like all our screening camera bundles, comes complete with installation from our tech team and guidance on how to use this essentially "plug and play" system from the comfort of your office or entry hall. Trust Ava Safe to provide you with the best fever screening security with this competitive bundle.

Omnisense Sentry MK4 Thermal Camera

  • Includes Thermal Camera, TRS, and Console

    Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon (α-Si) microbolometer
    Thermal Resolution: 384 X 288

    Spectral Response: 7-14μm
    Drift Compensation: Real time continuous calibration (ext. TRS)
    Thermal Accuracy: ±0.1°C
    Measurement Range: 30°C to 45°C
    Sensitivity: ≤50mK nominal
    Horizontal Field of View: 24.6°

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