What are RLU Limits in Hygiene Screening?

RLUs, or relative light units, are the unit of measure for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in ATP screening devices. The more adenosine triphosphate (indicative of bacteria) you pick up when you scan a surface, the higher your RLU reading will be.  Depending on the ATP device you are using, the cut-off score for an unacceptable RLU reading (indicating dangerous levels of bacteria) will differ. Your device will indicate clearly whether your test results Pass, Fail, or warrant a Caution.

How Do I Know If I've Passed My RLU reading?

If your surface scan is clean and has safe RLU levels, a passing score on your ATP screening device will be indicated by a checkmark.


How Do I Know If I've Failed My RLU reading?


If your surface is dirty and requires cleaning and retesting, a fail score indicated by an "X" will be shown on your ATP device.

How Do I Know If I've Received a Caution?

Caution results show up as an exclamation mark when scanning with an ATP device. Caution scores mean your RLU levels are a tad high, but not at dangerous levels. If you receive a caution result, you should keep an eye on RLU levels in this area and reclean at your prerogative.

Why Choose Ava Safe's Handheld ATP Device?

Ava Safe uses and stocks an ATP device from Hygiena known as the SystemSURE Plus. Hygiena is an internationally recognised leader in food safety testing, including the manufacture of high-quality ATP testing devices. The SystemSURE Plus is the latest sanitation level monitoring system from the company that manages to be lightweight, easy-to-understand, and extremely thorough.

Having a SystemSURE Plus sanitation monitor allows you to know whether your office, kitchen, or medical facility surfaces are sanitary or if they are harbouring dangerous levels of bacteria. By having a SystemSURE Plus ATP device on hand you can test your premises at a time convenient for you and, if your surfaces aren't up to scratch, simply call in the Ava Safe team for an affordable fogging appointment.

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