Case Study: A Successful Temperature Screening Setup

Once you have your thermal imaging camera system from Ava Safe installed, you will need to implement procedures that ensure people are successfully screened when coming and going from your premises. One of the best ways to figure out how to safely guide visitors and scan your premises is to see how a successful Australian business has implemented a setup that works. We've checked in with a recently installed camera system (for a member of the finance industry) to provide you with an authentic look at how to funnel foot traffic and make the most out of your thermal screening system.

Choose The Right Location For Your Camera

Based on our industry experience having installed many thermal imaging cameras in the past, we recommend that you choose a location for your camera that is:

  1. Close to incoming and outgoing foot traffic, and

  2. Has a consistent temperature.


Try opting for your air-conditioned or heated lobby rather than an outdoor entrance as the climate inside most Australian buildings is controlled. In contrast, outside it can vary and may in some circumstances impact the accuracy of your thermal scans.

successful case study lobby ava safe.jpg
successful case study camerea ava safe.j
successful case study doorway ava safe.j

You will see here in our case study that the business has set up its temperature screening station in their lobby, allowing for consistent background temperatures and a steady stream of traffic.

Safely Guiding People For Scanning

Another important factor in the positioning of your camera is ensuring there is room for the foot traffic you hope to scan. Don't choose a narrow hallway even if you want to funnel your visitors towards the screening area. Instead, if you would like to have your visitors safely head in a certain direction, try utilising crowd control devices such as:

  • Rope bollards

  • Retractable barrier posts

  • Traffic cones

  • Signs for guidance (free standing and adhered to the floor)

What you'll be aiming to do with these items is gently show staff/visitors the right way to go and the appropriate distances to stand apart while they are scanned by your thermal imaging camera system. You may also like to have a sign on display that explains the body temperature screening process and why it is being used in your building so that people are informed about what is taking place.


Here are some examples of safe crowd control device usage in thermal screening areas.

fever screening bollard setup ava safe.j
crowd control fever screening ava safe.j
thermal screening with sign ava safe.jpg
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