Temperatures Which May Indicate Illness

The normal temperature for a human hovers around 36 to 37 degrees. If your body temperature is 38 degrees, possibly this may be a symptom of a person being unwell. Our range of temperature imaging thermal cameras, will easily, precisely and quickly detect this change in temperature in humans.



If you have engaged in a sporting activity recently in the past few minutes prior to having your temperature taken, or if your heart rate is still high from physical exertion, your temperature may be higher than 37 degrees.

If indeed, your elevated body temperature is caused by exercise, it is unlikely that it is irregularly high. In most instances, sitting still and calming your body down for a few minutes, is sufficient enough for your body temperature to come back down.

Other events, which may cause high body heat include dehydration and heatstroke, which occurs in individuals with chronic health issues.

What if You Just Went for a Run?


Teenage boys would have a higher body temperature compared to other groups of people. Their body temperature will go up very quickly with physical activity. This is one to note when you are using a temperature thermal checking device.


We have discussed the problems that may be associated with high body temperature. Having a low body temperature may be equally as problematic but for a whole set of different reasons.

Low body temperature may simply mean you are cold and need to put a layer of clothing on. If you have a low temperature alongside other symptoms, like shaking, having trouble focusing or breathing difficulties this may indicate an infection. Drug and alcohol use may also lead to low body temperatures.​

Temperatures May Be Age-Dependant

What About Low Body Temperatures?

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