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The UNV Budget Thermal Device from Ava Safe Australia is the UNV model OET-213H-BTM32, a touch screen tablet with thermal imaging capabilities ideal for workplace temperature screening. Thermal screening tablets make ideal additions to offices because they're easier to use than standard thermal cameras, cheaper to purchase, and more mobile. We will set up a UNV budget thermal device in your lobby so that you can easily scan those coming and going from your building for elevated body temperatures (indicative of illness).


This quality thermal access device offers face recognition, password input, and QR code scanning in addition to non-contact body temperature detection. All the essential health and security scanning features you would expect from a UNV brand device designed for processing body temperature measurements.

The UNV Budget Thermal Device, like all our screening cameras, is a quality piece of modern technology that can help you determine which visitors to your workplace have a high body temperature. Our tech team will help you install your system and you can start screening right away. Trust Ava Safe to provide your organisation with a reliable device to help protect your business assets.

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What's Included in Your UNV Device Purchase



OS: Linux
Screen: Touch screen, 600 x 1024 resolution

Recognition Time: 0.2 seconds (minimum)

Thermal Accuracy: 0.1°C

Measurement Range: 30°C to 45°C

Measurement Deviation: ≤±0.3°C

Working Environment: −20°C~+65°C, Relative Humidly<95%

Face Recognition Distance: 0.2m to 2.9m

UNV Temperature Screening Tablet in Action

unv tablet in use.jpg
unv tablet scan.jpg
unv tablet when error presents.jpg
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