Buy UNV x Seadan Fast Thermal Camera

The UNV x Seadan Fast Thermal Camera Screening Bundle from Ava Safe Australia is a quick-acting solution to your thermal screening woes. The UNV camera is small, lightweight, and will measure the body temperature of people within 2.5-3.5m of the device location. Set it up in an office lobby, school hall, university entranceway, care centre, transport hub, or anywhere you need to monitor individuals for high body temperatures.


This camera comes bundled with a Blackbody device to enhance temperature reading accuracy and can be hooked into an existing computer network (or a computer can be supplied at an additional cost). An audible alarm will sound when high body temperatures are detected, a false alarm detector ensures inanimate objects won't be mistaken for individuals.

The UNV Fast Temperature Screening Device set, like all our screening camera bundles, is a high-quality system that will read body temperatures with ease. Our tech team will take care of the installation so all you need to do is monitor the system. Trust Ava Safe to provide you with quality thermal temperature monitoring cameras from world-renowned brands like UNV and Seadan.

unv camera device set ava safe.png

What's Included in Your UNV x Seadan Bundle



Sensor Type: Uncooled detector

Sensor Resolution: 384 X 288

Spectral Response: 17μm

Thermal Accuracy: ±0.3°C

Measurement Range: 0°C to 70°C

Sensitivity: ≤50mK nominal

Horizontal Field of View: 50.8° x 37.1°

unv camera specs.png



Used as a temperature reference

Allows accuracy of +- 0.3 degrees

To be set up 1.5m – 3m from camera

UNV Thermal Screening Camera in Action

unv camera front.jpg
unv camera side.jpg
unv blackbody front.jpg
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