Buy Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometers

Conveniently measure body temperatures in your workplace or public space using authentic Sunshine and Star Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometers from Australia's own Ava Safe. Because these thermometers can be mounted on most wall surfaces using included 3M adhesive patches you don't need a dedicated staff member to operate the device, unlike handheld devices. Visitors and team members will be able to scan themselves with ease as they enter your premises.

Forehead Thermometers for Everyday Temperature Detection

For quality and convenience, you can't beat these reliable everyday thermometers. The device's powerful sensor will scan an individual's body temperature in 1 second, with the temperature displayed clearly on the device's LED screen. If a high temperature is detected, an audible alarm will sound to ensure the individual being scanned is aware.

Choose a Wall Mounted Infrared Forehead Thermometer from Ava Safe if you want a product certified in Australia that will detect temperatures quickly and accurately with minimal fuss.

infrared thermometer wall mount ava safe

Product Specifications

Display: LED digital display
LED colour indicator: Green (temperatures below 37.5°C) and Red (temperatures above 37.5°C)
Measurement range: Body mode 32.0°C~43.0°C
Product Size: 140(L) x 93 (W) x 93 (H) mm
Product weight: 151g (batteries not included)

Power features: 18650 lithium battery, 2000mAh/Type-c connector
Temperature units: Offers both Celsius and Fahrenheit

Charging time: First charge 6-8 hours, all subsequent charging 2 hours
Working time: If using for 8 hours a day the device can work 5 days after a full charge
Package contents: 1 x thermometer, 1 x manual, 1 x type-c cable (battery not included)

Certifications: TGA certification

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Product Pricing

1 x Wall Mounted Thermometer: $220 + GST AUD. Buy Now price inclusive GST and $8 Freight,


Please contact the Ava Safe team for more information on discounts for bulk orders or if you would like to order an optional stand for your thermometer to be permanently mounted on.

Device Details

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