What is a Black Box Temperature Regulator?

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For commercial crowd checking devices that are more accurate, (and more expensive), you may notice they come in a two-piece configuration. One of the pieces sit at the front and looks like a camera (it is technically a camera), while a unit also sits in front of it, facing it. This unit is an ambient temperature regulator.


This unit, facing a Thermal temperature checker is sometimes referred to as a "Black Box" Why is it called a black box? The giveaway is the front fascia, which is painted in black. What it does, though has nothing to do with its colour.


Temperature Regulator (Black Box)

A thermal camera can easily detect temperatures. Depending on which type of camera you decide to purchase, the speed of detection may be instantaneous. The detected temperature, though, is not always correct. Let me rephrase that the probability of the wrong temperature being detected is possibly up to 75% inaccurate. The level of inaccuracies may be incredibly high. This is because, in any indoor environment, the room temperature will fluctuate. When it comes to having a high temperature, a 1-degree fluctuation in temperature detection will render your thermal unit useless. Since the difference between having a high temperature or an ordinary forehead temperature is small.


Why Does the Indoor Temperature in a Room Fluctuate?

Many factors affect the temperature inside a room. Some of the elements are listed here:

  • Air Conditioning outlets. In simple terms, the location where the air vents direct the wind will affect the temperature at that spot directly. Other places will display a different temperature

  • Human Movement, each time someone moves, their body heat, as well as their mass, will impact temperatures

  • Electronic devices such as computers emit heat, causing imbalances in a room. Lighting will emit heat too, causing different temperatures.

  • Direct and indirect sunlight

  • Groups of people in any one area will directly affect the temperature in that area

These conditions make thermal testing near impossible, without the use of a Black box regulator. 


How Does the Black Box Regulator Work?


The black box regulator works, by, first of all, heating itself to your desired temperature setting. The front-facing thermal camera then aims its lens directly to the box. When this happens, effectively the thermal camera is "locked-in", and any ambient changes in temperatures will not affect its accuracy.

The rear black box will continuously monitor the ambient temperature and adjust accordingly. Each adjustment, it will provide feedback to the front-facing thermal camera, to ensure that all temperature checks on human foreheads are precise and accurate. The Dahua Thermal Sensing Unit is exceptionally precise at checking temperatures.

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